Leadership Development
Through Transformational Conversations

“Sometimes, in organizational life, leadership skills are minimized rather than enhanced….Through conversation, inquiry and practice hidden talent is reached and released.”

Elaine Herdman – Barker specializes in helping individuals to liberate their leadership talent by surfacing their unique style and developing their strategic thinking skills.

With her Associates, she approaches Executive Development from the position that individuals have an inexhaustible resource from which to build their Leadership capacity. Her aim is to help individuals unlock that untapped potential while, at the same time, creating a powerful match with the goals of the organization. If executives are to excel they need to keenly observe patterns and drivers within their environment.

International Experience

Elaine’s teaching, facilitating and coaching practice is international. She leads Career Development, Adult Development and Leadership Master classes across Europe, North Africa and America.

Her sector experience includes oil and gas, motor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, high technology/IT, financial services, manufacturing, travel and the public sector (national and local government, universities, NHS).

This comprehensive experience, at Executive level, means that she has witnessed, learned from, and been part of systemic interventions that encourage Leaders to find their breadth of view…their inner strength as well as their capacity to take a strategic-systems perspective.

Upcoming Events:
Action Inquiry & the Global Leadership Profile Workshop
October 31 to November 3, 2016
Boston College Retreat Center, on the Charles River, Massachusetts

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