Elaine Herdman Barker

“Elaine is passionate about aiding people to unleash their natural talent…”

An experienced coach and facilitator Elaine supports the development of Executives worldwide drawing, as appropriate, on the skills of an international association of colleagues.

Elaine focuses on:

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Global Consulting
Elaine is part of an international network of association designed to draw together specialist teams who share experiences and theories.

Formal Education
Elaine holds an MSC in Psychology from Reading University and a B.A. in History and Classical Studies from Cardiff University. She researched Life Span and Adult Development for more than three years at Birkbeck, University of London.

She continues to be actively engaged in international research on how best to support high potential leaders, building on years of ongoing research with Professor Bill Torbert.

Herdman Barker E & Torbert W: Generating and measuring practical differences in leadership performance at postconventional action-logics: Developing the Harthill Leadership Development Profile. In A. Coombs, A. Pfaffenberger & P. Marko (Ed.s) The Postconventional Personality: Perspectives on Higher Development. Forthcoming, Albany NY: SUNY Academic Press

Herdman Barker E, Livne-Tarandach R, McCallum D, Nicolaides A and Torbert W et al: Developmental Action Inquiry: An integral approach that actually integrates theory, practice, and research in action. (Ed.s) Integral Research Suny Press.

Herdman Barker. E. & Jironet K. “ Next Generation of Leaders” in K Jironet, H Starren and PHarris, (Eds) Leadership Talks unifying Leadership in a Post crisis World


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