Leadership Development Assessments

Action Logics Assessment

Each of us enacts our life at work through a pattern of reasoning; we have characteristic ways of interacting and inquiring with others and we approach problems through well-trodden pathways of thinking. Action Logics is one way of surfacing and reflecting on those thinking patterns – helping us to challenge and stretch our habits of mind, thereby developing our approach to leadership.

An assessment of our Action Logic does not reveal whether we are “Good” Leaders neither does it pronounce accuracy on our ability to problem resolve. What it offers is an insight into the structure of our thinking frames and the opportunity to test, explore and learn from that process.

The Global Leadership Profile (GLP)
The GLP can help you generate an inquiry into whether you want to maintain your closely held assumptions or whether you wish to launch into a transformation process toward new patterns of leadership. Each later leadership action-logic, potentially, offers you more choice, more flexibility, more transforming power, and more methods for testing whether your practice aligns with your own highest values.

An Invitation to You
Arrange your Debrief
You will receive much greater benefit from your Profile if you debrief it. Speak with Elaine who specializes in helping individuals to:

  • a) understand the implications of their Development Profile from a personal and organizational perspective and
  • b) explore next steps in their development.

Elaine is well versed in the theory and practice of Developmental Action Logics and Inquiry as she is the supervising scorer for Action Inquiry Associates (GLP). And, as mentioned in our workshops descriptions, she runs authorization programmes for those interested in working with Action Logic Assessments.

Her experience, gleaned from debriefing hundreds of international clients and through teaching the Action-Logic approach will help you draw out what you need from the feedback.

Her fundamental aim is to support interested parties to challenge, hitherto, assumed beliefs …stretching the margins of their thinking and changing their patterns of action.

More information on the GLP.



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