Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership means staying alert to confusion and change when things appear to be in order…
Actively holding a comprehensive view of the field.

The figure below depicts our work with Leaders.

The focus of our work is not the technical bases of leadership such as function knowledge, basic time and team management, presentation skill and field expertise.

We work in the field of strategic thinking, supporting leaders to bring forward their talent.

Leaders often experience as a burden the need to think and act strategically; to work with paradoxical problems, take timely action, pay attention to the world beyond their daily round (deal with macro as well as micro problems) and refine their use of power so that they influence and inspire.

Such skills represent a development of cognitive and interpersonal competencies and frequently involve shedding some constraining habits born, ironically, from their successful corporate career.

And so through Developmental Action Inquiry in coaching and workshops we support aspiring and current Leaders apply their talent with increasing dexterity and personal satisfaction.

Our goal is to nurture what is already present, enabling Leaders to take a more strategic and systemic approach to problem resolution.



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