Elaine offers the following workshops for individuals and customised programmes for organisations:

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In partnership with close colleagues Elaine facilitates courses in the field of Developmental Action Logics. The workshops offer Business Leaders, Adult Development Specialists and Executive Coaches the opportunity to explore, together, the theory and practice of Action Logic Inquiry.

For those wishing to use Action Logic Assessments, authorization is available through certification programmes (in open and closed formats). In becoming authorized participants make demands on themselves; firstly by observing personal and secondly, organizational patterns of logic and then discussing how they, in turn, influence decision-making.

Penetrating inquiry, through peer discussion, is the cornerstone of the workshops. This is a field alive with contention and paradox and so we set out to explore individual experience as well as scientific data… keeping the debate fresh and experiential.

  • Should you wish to explore arranging a customized authorization programme please contact Elaine
  • We offer Extension workshops for those keen to discover, with other practitioners, the temper of the later action logics.

Action Logic Inquiry has proven to be a highly effective module in Leadership programmes as it actively supports the High Potential Pool to;

  • Increase their awareness of personally constraining habits of mind and behaviour
  • Challenge worn out assumptions around “best” Leadership practice
  • And refine their use of power

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Elaine has a long standing relationship with De Baak Management Centrum and has formed a number of highly -successful associations with world class professionals to deliver transformational events.

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